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Stand  01.02.2020

16 Step/Skip (Couple) (M)

A Beautiful Day (B)

A Country High (F)

Absolutely (M)

After the Storm (M)

Ah Si (B)

Alcohol (M)

Amame (F)

America Kids (M)

Anything for Love (M)

Baby Belle (B)

Bad Bad Leroy Brown (B)

Black Coffee (M)

Blessed (F)

Blue Note (M)

Blue Rose is (B)

Boat to Liverpool (F)

Bonaparte Retreat (M)

Booze Cruise (F)

Bored (M)

Bossa Nova (F)

Bread&Butte (M)

Bring down the House (F)

Cabo San Lucas (M)

Canadian Stomp (B)

Cards on the Table (F)

Chattahochee (M)

Chica Boom Boom (B)

Chill Factor (F)

Circle Jerk (Circle) (B)

Coastin (M)

Codigo (M)

Coffee Days & Whiskey Nights (B)

Come dance with me (M)

Cotton Eye Joe (B)

Country as can be (B)

Country Walkin‘ (B)

Country2Step (M)

Cowboy Cha Cha (Couple) (M)

Cowboy Charleston (B)

Cowboy Yoddle Song (M)

Cowgirl Twist (B)

Cruisin (M)

Cucaracha (M)

Damn (F)

Darlin‘ (B)

Day of Victory (F)

Deedley Dee (Couple) (B)

Dini Seel ä chli lo bambälä lo (M)

Dizzy (F)

Doctor Doctor (F)

Don’t look good naked (B)

Down on your Uppers (M)

Drinkin‘ wirh Dolly (M)

Eastbound and Down (M)

Electric Slide (B)

Fall in Love (M)

Feeling Kinda Lonely (B)

Feels like Rockn‘ Roll (M)

Fireflies (F)

Flobie Slide (B)

Future Husband (B)

Ghost Train (B)

Gin&Tonic (B)

Gipsy Queen (M)

Go seven (M)

Golden Wedding Ring (B)

Grafitti (F)

Groovy Love (F)

Happy Happy Happy (M)

Heart of an Angel (Walzer) (M)

Hearts&Flowers (M)

Hey Girl (M)

High Cotton (F)

Hold (F)

Hollys Church (M)

Hotstepper (M)

I close my Eyes (M)

I got a Woman (M)

I’m a Hillybilly Girl (M)

I’m too sexy (B)

I’ve got to Mexico (M)

Ice Breaker (M)

If you ever Leave (M)

Indian Song (M)

Irish Stew (M)

Island in the Stream (F)

Jambalaya (F)

Joana (M)

Kill the Spider (F)

Lets dance Forever(Boogie Shoes) (B)

Little Bitty (Contra) (M)

Little Rhumba (B)

Live, Laugh, Love (M)

Lonely Drums (M)

Lord Help me (M)

Love Trick (B)

Loving tonight (Contra) (F)

Mam Lou (M)

Mamita Maria (B)

Music to my Eyes (Walzer) (F)

My First Step (B)

My Greek Nr. 1 (F)

My Pretty Belinda (M)

Over the Moon (M)

Patsa Fagan (F)

Pizzerico (M)

Port ti Sere (B)

Regenbogenfarben (M)

Rhumba n’Roses (M)

Rhyme or Reason (F)

Rio (M)

Rocket to the Sun (B)

Rockin‘ (M)

Rockn‘ Roll Cowboy (B)

Shakin‘ Mix (M)

Shaky (M)

Side by Side (F)

Skinny Genes (B)

Something in the Water (M)

Starter Step (auch Contra) (B)

Stop staring at my Eyes (F)

Stroll along cha cha (B)

Sugar&Pai (F)

Summer Fly (M)

Sunshine (B)

Sweet Caroline (F)

Sweet Sweet Smile (B)

Tag on (F)

Tango with the Sheriff (M)

The Bomp (F)

The Gambler (F)

The Music Man (M)

The Trail (M)

The Wanderer (Contra) (B)

Things (M)

Toes (F)

Tush Push (M)

Under the Sun (M)

Waltz across Texas (B)

When you Smile (B)

Wobble (Version CH) (B)

Won’t back away (M)

Zjozzy’s Funk (F)